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How to get rid of a refrigerator in Hampton

Sometimes people want to know how to recycle or get rid of their old refrigerator. Maybe “Old Bessy” your loyal fridge died recently. Perhaps it stopped coooling or the compressor died.

The first thing to do is to always contact a trustworthy repair man.

But what do you do when the fridge repairs are almost the same cost as buying a new low end fridge or an old fridge for sale?

It is time to junk the old fridge.

How to recycle your fridge in Hampton GA

You have 3 choices.

  • Take it to the dump yourself.
  • Take it to the local junkyard. You might even get paid for the scrap metal.
  • Contact Waste Pro to arrange for a special pickup. A fee of $15.00 per trip will be charged for a fridge pickup, and will be added to your utility bill the following month.

If you are throwing an old refrigerator out it must be empty of all foods, liquids and Freon, with doors removed. – Source